Help Heal Corona virus (COVID-19)



Corona virus (COVID-19)

This session is for people with Corona virus (COVID-19) it uses advanced CBT techniques to accelerate and improve your body’s healing ability. It will shorten the amount of time that your body will take to overcome illness.

The body has its own amazing ability to heal, even the Corona virus (COVID-19).

If you do not think that could be true then consider what an orthopedic surgeon does with broken bones. generally they will put broken bones back in place. But it is your own body that actually heals the break.

I have used this technique over the past twelve years to help myself and clients improve their ability to deal with:

    •  illness,
    •  cuts and burns,
    •  the side effects of chemotherapy.
    •  surgery like:
      • knee replacements,
      • broken bones and,
      • organ replacements.

This cannot harm you; it can only help you.

However, it is not a replacement for seeking out proper medical treatment.

The download session is available for only AUS$5.00 to help people deal with the Corona virus. It goes for around 30 minutes.

The session includes sounds and techniques to create a very relaxed state of mind. You should listen to it away from distractions like other people.

Ideally lying on a bed or in a comfortable chair.

Pleas, do not use this while driving a car.

Using this technique is quite easy but you do need to focus so turn the phone off, TV or radio.

The best time to listen to this is at bed time. But you can actually listen to it an any time that suits you. You need to listen to the session daily, if you can, for at least 14 days.

It is likely to put you to sleep but while that is not necessary it is actually a good thing. Your body heals best while we are asleep.


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