Check Your K10 Score

Check Your K10 score ranges for severity of psychological distress

K10 score

Level of psychological distress

Less than 20 Low – likely to be mentally well
Between 20 and 24 Moderate – may have a mild mental disorder
Between 25 and 29 High – likely to have a moderate mental disorder
Between 30 and 50 Very High – likely to have a severe mental disorder

Source: Kessler R. Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

It is expected that 13% of the adult population will score 20 and over and about 1 in 4 patients seen in primary care will score 20 and over. This is a screening instrument and only a registered practitioner should make a clinical judgment as to whether a person needs treatment.

Scores usually decline with effective treatment. Patients whose scores remain above 24 after treatment should be reviewed and specialist referral considered.

For further information see Andrews and Slade, Aust NZ J Public Health, 2001; Kessler, Andrews et al, Psychol Medicine, 2002; Furukawa, Kessler et al, Psychol Medicine, 2002.

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