Mindtherapy is about helping people to change their mind and/or improve their health, their life.

The mind and body are complicated and so we will use a combination of therapies in our treatments. You can’t build a house with only one tool and so we use different tools to do different things. How we use these tools will change from person to person. People can be attuned to different sensory based language. Some people are visual, some auditory, some more attuned with feelings. Or a combination of all three.

At Mindtherapy we use mostly Counselling, Kinesiology, Pranic Psychotherapy and Meditation to create change. These techniques are not an alternative to what Doctors do but designed to work with what Doctors do.

Science has proven that we start learning behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, even limitations while in the womb. We continue to do so usually until about the age of six. What the pregnant mother is experiencing is also felt by the unborn baby, stress, trauma, happiness, joy etc. Including how the mother responds to those feelings or the events that triggered them.

What we learn at this time of life, the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, are stored in the subconscious mind. Without the realization that we can change them they subsequently stay with us, as the foundation of our beliefs, for life.

The whole structure of Psychology/Counselling is based on the premise that we can indeed change subconscious beliefs. In fact, by doing so we can change our lives.


Kinesiology is a way to bypass the conscious mind, to communicate with the subconscious and superconscious (inner) mind. With Kinesiology we can ask closed questions that give either a yes or no response from the inner mind. The part of the mind that guides the conscious mind. 

This technique can reveal a lot about the mind and the body.

Questions like:

  • Is this traumatic event holding this person back from being able to love again?
  • Is eating red meat good for this body?
  • Does this person embrace the opportunities that come with change?
Pranic psychotherapy

Pranic psychotherapy is a way to connect with a person’s energy field to clear blockages. By clearing blockages in a person’s energy, we allow the energy to flow properly, to work properly.

Giving the body the opportunity to change, to heal itself, as it is designed to do.