Meditation and Change

Meditation and change:

For the technically minded let me explain a little about the states of the mind and how this links to meditation and change.

The Conscious Mind

Let’s start with the conscious mind; this is where we spend most but not all of our awake time during our lives. The conscious mind is where we keep our short-term memory, our will power. It is where analytical and rational thought occur. The questioning part of the mind. Questioning everything seeking answers as to how we should respond to each and every input into our lives.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind holds our permanent memory, everything we experience in life including our reactions to an experience. Its purpose is to react immediately to questions presented by the conscious mind. It will rely completely on decisions made by the conscious mind.

How they work together

But the conscious mind depends upon information supplied by the subconscious mind in order to make these decisions. The information supplied is based on the record held (memory) of past events and outcomes in the subconscious. This includes how we reacted to situations in our life. This memory is not just past experience but includes books that we read, movies, TV, conversations had or overheard etc.

For example if you are bullied at school or at work and that experience frightened you. Then every time that you experience bullying your subconscious mind will remind you to ‘be frightened’.

If you were told repeatedly that ‘you are no good’ or that ‘you will never amount to anything’. Then your subconscious mind will probably believe those statements to be true about you and act accordingly.

When your past experience is that ‘smoking is good’ then your subconscious mind reinforces that message over and over. ‘Smoking is good’, ‘smoking is good’. Similarly, gambling and other ‘addictions’.

When these experiences or things said to you are repeated over and over by others or by yourself, especially as a child. They can become very strong characteristics of who you are, in your own mind.

Creating Changed

Using meditation, we can change the messages provided by the subconscious.

If we use meditation and change the record to ‘I am not scared, I am strong, I will not let people dominate me’. Then bullies will no longer control or affect your life.

When we change the thought that you are ‘no good’ to you can do anything that you choose to do. Then you will be able to do anything.

If we change the subconscious memory so that the record of smoking is ‘this is bad for me’. Then you will stop smoking.

The mind is incredibly powerful; through psychology with hypnotherapy you can tap into that power and use it to your advantage. The range of benefits that you can gain through hypnotherapy is very broad. Quit smoking, remove fears and phobias, improve your golf swing, self-confidence, sleeping the list goes on and on. In fact, the limit to what you can change is up to you.

At Mind Therapy we are about helping people with genuine needs. For example, we will not help a bully become a better bully or an alcoholic a better alcoholic.

With some conditions we may also ask you to seek medical advice before commencing hypnotherapy. If your condition is physical then you may be better served by a physician. Or a physician working in conjunction with a hypnotherapist.

As we are dealing with the Unconscious mind we can and do frequently accelerate the body’s ability to heal. Pre and post-surgery.

We have helped many people with surgery procedures. From hip and knee replacements to people wanting to reduce the physical effects of chemotherapy even the pain of child birth.

For more about Meditation and Hypnotherapy for the technically minded I recommend you read clinical psychologist Michael D Yapko’s book ‘Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis’ 5th Ed. 2019.