Basic Breathing Technique

Basic Breathing Technique to Increase Oxygen.

Basic Breathing Technique to Increase Oxygen, by increasing your oxygen intake all you need do is to use some simple breathing techniques. Remember the focus is to increase your oxygen intake, too bring more oxygen into the body than you were before.

Start with the following technique; this will also calm you and your parasympathetic nervous system:

For at least 10-20 minutes, at least two-three times each day do the following. More often and for longer if you can, even better do it as often as you can.

    • Take slow really deep breaths,
    • Focus is on taking in as much oxygen as you possibly can so exaggerate the intake;
    • In and out through the nose;
    • Count to 4 on the intake;
    • Raising the stomach as you breath in, to increasing lung capacity;
    • Hold the breath to a count of 2 to let your lungs maximize the value of the breath;
    • Count to 5 on the out breath, pulling the stomach in to help push the spent oxygen out.
    • Breath in again as per above

This breathing pattern is referred to as: 4, 2, 5, 0

Why do this?

When using this Basic Breathing Technique to increase Oxygen intake you should start to notice a difference in your energy level within the first week sometimes within just a few days. Make this just a part of how you stay healthy.

This simple act will maintain cell function optimization; you will live longer and have an amazing amount of energy.

Ideally you should continue to do this daily although after a month or two you could reduce the time from 20 mins to 10 mins adopting a maintenance mode if you want.

Breathing this way is like a workout at the gym, without most of the effort, most of the motivation or most of the time.

A more advanced technique to increase oxygen intake is the invaluable Wim Hof method.