With guided meditation often called hypnotherapy the benefits of psychotherapy techniques occur much quicker than when we are just dealing with the conscious mind. Like in Counselling or Psychology. But every person is different and every issue is different in some way.

By the way, this is not stage hypnosis like you may have seen on TV or a stage show. That is about creating the illusion that a person can control another person or persons. It is an illusion that works only to the extent that the person in hypnosis believes the hypnotist has control.

What is meditation/hypnotherapy?

The simple answer, it is a state of mind in which we become highly responsive to suggestion.

It is often referred to as an altered state of mind. Yet the mind usually goes to this very same altered state many times each and every day. A good example is when we day-dream.

In this state of mind, we can change the way that we respond or react to what happens in our life.

In hypnotherapy a person will experience a heightened focus and concentration plus an increased response to suggestions for change.

Hypnotherapy is about therapy.

What clinical hypnotherapy is not?

As we have already suggested, it is not the same as the hypnotherapy that we see on TV or a Stage show. That is about creating the illusion of control over others.

It is not about entertainment it is about therapy, about helping you create the change that you want to create.

With clinical hypnotherapy you, the client, are always in control. You will not do anything that goes against your belief system. What the hypnotist is doing is guiding you through the process, technically you are actually hypnotising yourself.

Pretty well everyone does this every day, they just usually don’t realise that they are doing it.

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